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About Me

For a start it's currently just me!

I'm about to turn 40 and I decided it was time to change my life.  I didn't want to sit back anymore and just amble along wishing for things.  I have been putting everything on the back burner for "one day" for far too long.

I realised (after being in denial) that I suffered with anxiety.  I struggled with what I was doing, where I was going with lots of life questions I couldn't answer.  Comparison was stealing ALL of my joy.  I was just not happy.

So I started spending a bit of time each day on me.  My mindset.  I began to list things l was grateful for.  I made an effort to meditate daily.  I started a new exercise programme, not to punish myself for eating a cake but in an effort to love myself a bit more.  I made list upon list.  I started remembering what it was I had dreamt of doing.  Stopped comparing myself to everyone else.  I started getting a good nights sleep instead of laying with a head full of noise.  I realised I had gotten a little bit lost and was running a really negative story about myself through my head every single day. 

Once I accepted I COULD change that story if I stopped comparing and started choosing my mindset more, things changed.  The more I did it, the more I started to have this passion grow to know I could take on anything.  I know it all sounds a bit "out there", but I can honestly say spending that time on ME every day changed my life.  I was writing my own story and I had a beautiful journal I could look back on and smile.  

I know when I "don't have time to journal or meditate" my days don't quite go the same.  The negative story starts to creep back in.  So I know, for me, this time each day works.

I am MORE than excited that other people are using the Journal to do the same for themselves.  So THANK YOU.  I hope it helps you spend time each day on YOU.  Because on the whole, we are all normally guilty of putting ourselves last.  You ARE important and the more you give to yourself, the more you can give to others.    

Feel free to contact me.  I also love talking!   I love hearing the Journal has given you your mojo back and how life is changing for you.  So don't be a stranger!

Giving back

Charity Donations

I'm now a big believer in giving something back!  As this is still a very new venture, based on my desire to chase my dreams, I wanted to give something back from each sale.  People suffering with illness, needing treatment, the homeless - all the people who need a bit of help to go chase dreams!   

£1.00 from every journal sold will be donated to charity each month.  Instagram and Facebook will be updated at the end of each month to confirm the charity and total being sent!


Is the journal dated?

No.  Completely undated throughout so you can use it as you please, starting any time of the year.

How many months does the journal cover?

Six months.  

30 day sections repeated six times with a round up page at the end of each section to reflect.  

Is it for logging food?

Not in detail.  It allows for logging of your daily overall choices from poor through to balanced.  

How long does it take to post?

As soon as they are in stock the journals are posted by 2nd class Royal Mail or Standard overseas postage (average 3 - 7 days)

Do you post overseas?

Yes - please contact me with the country if it doesn't automatically come up on the system. 

Brief journal outline?

A journal to get you to live your best life!  Get into the routine of choosing your mindset each morning, spend a little time actively preparing for your day.  Then the evening ritual of reflecting.  Both take only a few minutes and every 30 days you can look back on your happiness, your habits and how far you have come!

Also includes a Letting Go exercise - "Happy" exercise - Vision Board - Affirmations - Why? - Letter to my Younger Self.

(More detail in the shop about the content!)

What are people saying?


 I received my beautifully packaged journal, and was delighted with how fab it looked... before I even opened it! Inside was like reading something I'd written, a really honest, witty and constructive account of the authors motivation for creating the journal. In many ways it was really emotional to read, but also a complete relief that someone else feels the same way but also responds in the same way to those feelings. It's not a book which is preaching how, it's just reminding the reader that they have it in their gift to improve. And mostly it's really only acceptance of you and focussing on you. Definitely would recommend. 


 Fab idea, brought as a present & she loved it, keep looking at it myself to, it’s a must have & great Christmas gift, thanks x 


 I've just received my journal and it's FAB!! I've read through and so much of it resonates with me!! Can't wait to start my journal entries... there's no time like the present. Excited muchly!! 


I've now had my journal for two weeks and love it! It makes you focus on yourself each day and helps me to set my goals plus it looks beautiful! xx 


It's a lovely journal and I can't wait to start using it!  Really love the personal insights into your own journey too, reminds me a lot of myself.  Thanks again!


Thank you so much for my beautiful notes to self book - it is a really special Journal and I'm looking forward to curling up with a cup of tea and working through it.

Benefits of a journal

Journal to Reach your Goals

A lot of us are stuck in a rut, we carry out tasks daily as routine.  We might be fed up, we might not be doing the job we always wanted or we might have gone completely off track on a fitness goal.  Without structure to your day that you are choosing each morning it is really easy for a week to pass by and you have achieved nothing other than your daily chores.  A journal can help you take back some control and allocate time for you to achieve your dreams.  If you really take some time out to realise what does make you happy, the negatives you need to let go of and what you are really passionate about then you have a great starting point to set and take steps towards new goals.

I used the journal to achieve business goals on round one.  I am now re-using it to achieve goal 2 which is a financial aim together with a new fitness programme.  I intend to be in the best shape of my life physically and financially to start living my WHY in the next six months!

Your Mindset Matters

Everything we feel and do relates to our well-being and directly affects our actions and emotions. The Notes to Self Journal is based on one girl's mission for change.  To inspire wellness, health, help create new habits and promote total belief that you can achieve anything you set your mind to if you take action towards your goals every day.  A mindfulness journal to take you step to by step towards the goals and keep you accountable.

Live With Passion & Purpose

You can use the journal to apply this approach to every aspect of your life.  Career, belief systems, physical activities, self care, healthy eating, self esteem, anything! 

People generally only structure their day around chores or reacting to work. Setting intentions, creating lists to achieve your goals together with meditation, gratitude and choosing your mindset should be something you do for YOU daily.  Living with this kind of passion and purpose takes time.  It is not the norm for most of us.  Start practicing today.  Stick with it, making the journal part of your daily ritual and reflecting on progress every 30 days really can make a difference.  

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