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About Me

Wendy O'Beirne holding the Notes to Self Journal.  A planner to implement change over six months

The Completion Coach

I've just turned 40.  I totally don't  feel 40.  Anyway, it gave me this overwhelming feeling running up to my birthday that I don't want to be turning 60 and STILL not have done want I really want.  I have been "meaning to get around to" way too many things and saying "didn't this year fly by?", having changed NOTHING yet again.

I realised I was giving way too much attention to what people would think of me.  What they would be saying about me if I fail?  I realised I cared more about what "they" thought than I did about me living a life that I might just love.  

So I started spending a bit of time each day on ME.  The mind is a tricky thing.  Working on it every day takes patience.  It takes doing things that seem to make no difference whatsoever day after day after day.  Meditation.  Gratitude.  These practices are the ones people give up on after a week generally.  "It hasn't worked or I can't do it" are muttered.  The thing is, you can do it.  You just have to be prepared to do it with no seeming results on day 1 or day 20.  Change will come.  There is no set time period and that is why people give up.  When you work on your body and can finally see difference you have an AHA moment.  With the mind you won't necessary SEE anything.  Give it time and you will start to feel different.  

I started to remember what it was I had dreamt of doing in life.  I stopped comparing myself to everyone else and people pleasing (I'm a massive people pleasure by default).  

I realised I had gotten a little bit lost and was running a really negative story about myself through my head every single day.  Comparing my life to some outdated fairytale.  I was a shopaholic.  I overspent my entire adult life leading to debt, trying to buy anything and everything but being totally out of control.  Realising all this "stuff" wasn't making things any better I started to be mindful even in shopping.  Turns out you can buy way less and having loads of clothes with tags on is not as cool as you think!

Once I accepted I COULD change that story if I stopped worrying.  I started doing.   Doing leads to change, it's as simple as that.  You can do more than you think you can, once you change your thoughts.  That's the hard bit!

I thought Journals were for other people, not "normal" people like me. Turns out I was wrong.  They are for anyone wanting to give themselves a chance to change.

I am MORE than excited that other people are using the Journal to do the same for themselves.  So THANK YOU.  I hope it helps you spend time each day on YOU.  

UPDATE: I am now 2 years later a fully qualified coach - see my site

Feel free to contact me.  I also love talking!   I love hearing the Journal has given you your mojo back and how life is changing for you.  So don't be a stranger!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Your Data & What I do with it!

To comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and the PECR (Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)  this page is here to explain what happens with your data!

If you register with the site I will store your name and email address. If you decide to  buy the journal, then I will have a record of your name, email address & postal address.

On the site the two main payments are Stripe or PayPal.   I don't have any of your payment info passed onto me, just how much and how you paid.   No other information regarding your payment comes through to me, it is held by Stripe or  PayPal.  At present, only I have access to the data entered on to website. 

I intend to start running a bi monthly newsletter and will use the email address of anyone who has signed up to receive it.  You will be able to hit unsubscribe at any time.  I will then simply delete your details.   I use MailChimp to send out the newsletter.  They have confirmed they are GDPR compliant.  I do not share your data with anyone else.  

Right now,  the only marketing I do is via Instagram and Facebook via targeted ads.  I will only email you directly if you have asked to be on the mailing list.  

It is just me and I honestly do not wish to pester anyone, if any contact gets too much, just unsubscribe!  I will pipe down  ha ha!



Is the journal dated?

No.  Completely undated throughout so you can use it as you please, starting any time of the year.

How many months does the journal cover?

Six months.  

30 day sections repeated six times with a round up page at the end of each section to reflect.  

Is it for logging food?

Not in detail.  It allows for logging of your daily overall choices from poor through to balanced.  

How long does it take to post?

As soon as they are in stock the journals are posted by 2nd class Royal Mail or Standard overseas postage (average 3 - 7 days)

Do you post overseas?

Yes - please contact me with the country if it doesn't automatically come up on the system. 

Brief journal outline?

A journal to get you to live your best life!  Get into the routine of choosing your mindset each morning, spend a little time actively preparing for your day.  Then the evening ritual of reflecting.  Both take only a few minutes and every 30 days you can look back on your happiness, your habits and how far you have come!

Also includes a Letting Go exercise - "Happy" exercise - Vision Board - Affirmations - Why? - Letter to my Younger Self.

(More detail in the shop about the content!)

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